Harpoon Chocolate Stout

harpoon chocolate stout bottle

We went on a beer-buying spree tonight. Mister found 5 specialty beer stores within an hour’s drive. My parents came to watch Little Bug and we took off. We detoured a bit from our first destination for a late lunch/early dinner at Clarkston’s Union Wood Shop. After some delicious bites, we headed out. Watch the next few posts for some of the specials we nabbed tonight.

Harpoon Chocolate Stout
While overall, not our favorite stout, it was one we’re glad we bought 6 of. When cold right out of the bottle, it was actually quite refreshing. You know – the kind of beer you drink on a warm summer’s night while sitting on the deck watching the lightening bugs and swatting at mosquitos. As it warmed, it seemed to thicken and the chocolate was much more noticeable. It wasn’t bitter at any temperature nor did it linger long on the palate.



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