Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout

On the heels of finding Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale on a long weekend in Cleveland, Alltech brewing from Lexington, Kentucky, released a stout.  Thankfully this is a regular and not a limited release.  Unfortunately Alltech doesn’t distribute to Michigan (yet).


Mister got online and found a store just over the state line that carries what we’ve found to be the best selection of beers within driving distance, including the coveted stout.  Mister called and they agreed to hold a case for us.  Woo hoo!  He grudgingly waited until Sunday to throw Little Bug and me in the car.  We made a pit stop along the way but it was just over a 2-hour drive.

The Andersons, the amazing little market we went to, carried many beers we’ve never seen and many we can’t get in Michigan.  Unfortunately by this time Little Bug was hungry, tired, cranky, and just generally a snot.  I didn’t have as much time to look as Mister but what I saw was awesome.  We ended up with some things you’ll see show up in later posts.

The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout is a very coffee-foward, full-bodied beer.  It pours a deep, rich, brown-black that you can not see through even when held to the light and, to use a wine term, it has legs when you swirl it in the glass.

I’m not a huge fan of stouts as they tend to be bitter.  This one isn’t.  The aging in the bourbon barrel really rounds out the flavors and keeps the beer smooth on your palate.

It was very well worth the drive, though I’m glad we bought a case while we were there.  I’m positive we’ll be making the drive again.



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