Motor City Brewing Works Hard Cider

Hard ciders are my favorite. I drink beer. Mixed drinks and shots are tasty. I’d give them all up for that sweet taste of heaven – cider. My old standby is Woodchuck. It’s the sweetest that I’ve found commercially and I can get some of the amber at just about any store with a halfway decent beer selection.

Mister and I found this one on a recent shopping trip.  I was excited to try something brewed in Michigan.  There’s nothing like supporting your local economy and enjoying your drink, right?  That is, if you can actually drink what you’re buying.

This cider had to be the most disappointing thing I have tried in recent years.  It takes a lot for Mister and me both to decide to pour something down the drain.  I decided after the first sip it wasn’t worth it.  I took a second to make sure it was really bad.  It was.

If you like a weak apple flavor mixed in with watered down cheap beer, this is for you.  It wasn’t sweet, dry, or particularly sour.  The apple came in on the back side and tasted slightly of mott’s apple juice mixed with the old, stale, beer smell of the bottle return area at your local mega-mart.  It was really that bad.  I was really that disappointed.  I can’t even say, “Good try.”  Ugh…


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2 thoughts on “Motor City Brewing Works Hard Cider

  1. Adam says:

    This is shocking. Motor city hard cider is by far my favorite cider. I believe it has won awards as well. No, it doesn’t taste like candy (like woodchuck), but in my opinion, it tastes like a real hard cider. Maybe you got an old bottle. If you get it on tap at the brewery it’s definitely in the dryer side, mildly sweet, and had a tiny kick at 6.8% alcohol. I suggest giving it another try.

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