Great Lakes Brewing Conway’s Irish Ale

Some nights are just not meant for a beer.  The nights after a horrible headache and a cast of medications to help alleviate the symptoms.  Some nights I end up feeling tipsy from the side effects.  Last night was one of those nights.  Trust me, it isn’t worth it nor nearly as enjoyable as a few beers.

Mister had the great idea to offer a second bottle to split tonight thus making up for our lack of tasting last night.  He kept the Irish theme and grabbed GLBC’s Conway’s Irish Ale.  Last summer we spent a few hours at GLBC taking the tour and tasting many of their elixers.  We capped the day off with some food and a beer-ice cream sundae at the basement bar.  If you’re ever in Cleveland, give it a try.

Conway’s was not one of the beers that we sipped that afternoon.  A beautiful red-gold color in my glass is a similar shade as that of my dogs.  This beer is heavy on the tongue  but not in the belly.  You can taste the slight roasted flavor of malt.  It is slightly bitter but not enough to be a turn off.  It goes down easy, almost too easy.  I could drink a lot of this on a cool night with great friends around a backyard fire.  Unfortunately since it’s season and a January release, summer won’t see many bottles of this.


219x283_Profile Conway's Irish Alethumb

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