Bell’s Hopslam Ale

Bells, a Michigan Brewery, recently released a seasonal Ale, Hopslam.  Many of the specialty beer stores in the area really built up its release and Mister happened to get his hands on two bottles.  I won’t complain that it took him half an hour after picking up Little Bug from school and that she and I were in the car and hungry.  🙂

This is the point in my post where I thank my mother for teaching me that popcorn is a perfectly acceptable dinner.  Thanks, mom.  I’ve managed to carry this tradition, usually reserved for the weekend after a large or heavy brunch, with my family.  Mister requested popcorn for dinner tonight and I happily obliged.  I think I could eat popcorn for dinner a few nights a week.  So could he.  And Little Bug.  We. LOVE. It.  What’s not to love about crunchy nuggets tossed with butter and salt?  They say ambrosia was the food of the gods but I really think they meant popcorn.

We’d just set down to watch Caillou, each with our own bowls when Mister suggested we try a beer.  Who am I to argue?  He gave me choices and I didn’t care so he picked this little puppy.  The snifter came with a beautiful amber colored brew – think honey in a glass.  It smelled amazing – sweet, fruity, beer-y.  Even Mister commented on the “nose” of this one.

The first sip was shocking.  When it hit my tongue, I immediately tasted peach that quickly turned to grapefruit and citrus.  The honey was certainly there but it didn’t bowl you over.  It wasn’t bad but as it sat on my palette, it became quite bitter.  I tried a few more sips and decided I could finish the glass but it wouldn’t be my favorite.  Mister gave it a 3 out of 10.  I am right there in the 3-4 range with him (1 being undrinkable and 10 being tap the keg I’m on a roll!).  As a side, this recipe did a great job of taking the bitter taste out of my throat.  It was a hit at the parties where I decided to bless the guests with this treat, too!

I will say that at the end of my 6 oz (we split a bottle), I wasn’t sure that I could walk if I stood up.  With 10% ABV, it hit hard.  Mister suggested that if either of us had drunk an entire bottle, Little Bug would be tucking Mommy and Daddy in bed instead of the other way around.  Be forewarned, it is rated at 70 on the IBU scale (more bitter than most).

I will say that beer is like everything else – what I like you may or may not.  It’s all about what you enjoy.  While bitter beers aren’t my favorite, Princess, my bff, would LOVE this beer.  Please don’t take offense as what I write here are just my own (and Mister’s) opinion.  That said, you won’t see me drinking this again any time soon.


Bell's Hopslam Ale

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