Founder’s Dirty Bastard

For whatever reason, the name of this one, Dirty Bastard, just makes me giggle.  There’s inevitably a joke whenever someone orders it.

DB falls into the scotch ale category.  We’ve never had one before so we were virgins on this one.  🙂

It poured into the glasses a beautiful rich brown, dark but translucent unlike stouts.

I could smell the roasted malt but not even a hint of burned chart or chocolate.  It’s definitely a strong flavor, somewhat earthy with a bit of smoke.  Founder’s website shows the IBU’s as 50, but I didn’t think it was that bitter.  Usually a 50 has me tapping out.

It was strong but surprisingly not as heavy as what I’d expected.  I could see this being a good campfire or poker night beer, though I think after the 3rd or 4th, it might get a wee bit heavy in the tummy.



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