Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

I learned about this beer a few years ago from a dear friend.  This was her favorite beer – so much so she named her daughter Hazel.  Not really, well her name is Hazel but it wasn’t after this beer.

Anyway, while this is not a new or rare beer, it is new to Mister.  He hates hazelnut flavored things.  He finally decided that he’d at least be willing to try this one.  The trick was finding a 12 oz bottle.  Generally you see Rogue’s beers in a 22 oz bottle.  You can sometimes find a 6-pack of the smaller bottles.  Good luck finding someone that sells singles of the smaller ones.  I spotted the bottle and snatched it up.

Mister decided on a beer tonight and I got to pick but that also meant I had to pout.  Generally Mister takes the pictures and pours while I start the blog post for the evening.  I think he secretly likes being waited on.  Then again, I don’t think it’s such a secret…

It’s a beautiful rich brown color – the color of roasted hazelnuts.  It isn’t dark and opaque like a porter or stout.  It pours with a few slight bubbles but no head to speak of.

Mister’s first sip and the response? “I like it.”  Second sip.  “I actually think I could drink a lot of this!”  I concur.

This one is a soft, smooth ale.  While it ranks a 33 on the IBU scale, I don’t think it’s very bitter.  The hazelnut makes it incredibly drinkable but isn’t too strong.  While on the darker side for an ale (but not as dark as the decadence from last night), it isn’t heavy.

I think this may become a regular in our rotation.  Mister and I sipped our bottle to the last drip in less than one episode of The Big Bang Theory.  That’s pretty much a record but we struggled not to spit any of it out as we laughed.  Trust me that this beer was not made to be snorted through the nose.



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