Irish lunchbox

Out tonight for Princess’ birthday. I decided to order the Irish lunch box because we were all curious to try it. Strangely enough the combination of orange juice, bud light, and a shot of amaretto is strangely yummy.

update 1/27/13 – While it was something I’d order again, I almost choked when I saw my bill and it cost $7.50.  It was good but seriously?  It was half a glass of bud light, a little OJ and a shot of amaretto.  I’ll chalk it up to a great birthday dinner.


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One thought on “Irish lunchbox

  1. […] the same thing when Mister said it.  I had a shot of amaretto in my beer and OJ a few weeks ago (see post here) but wine?  That will have to be a night when we’re feeling […]

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