Ferrante Winery White Catawba

This summer Mister and I took a trip to Cleveland, Ohio.  It’s  a reasonable drive from home and there’s so much to do.  It would have been on this trip where the rots of this blog began.  A few months earlier, Mister and I discovered the wine region in Ohio.

One of our first stops was at Ferrante Winery.  While overall not our favorite winery in terms of quaintness, they were friendly, helpful, and left you alone to do your thing.  We sampled a number of their large selection of wines.  We bought a few bottles to bring home and this one has been in the wine chiller waiting for a night when I wanted something sweeter than a beer.

I’d planned to have a dessert made for tonight and, in fact, I made that dessert – banana oat mini-muffins.  Mister picked one up this afternoon.  When it slipped fromt his fingers, it bounced off the floor and back up on the counter.  They just took the trip of shame down the 177 foot driveway to the cub in the trash can.  Just because my desert flopped (or bounced as it were), doesn’t mean that my sweet craving did.

Mister made dinner (mostly) on his own tonight which is a rarity.  He made smothered Mort chops (Mort is the 1/2 pig we bought last winter – Mort is THE BEST pork I’ve ever had) with mashed cauliflower.  I ended up mashing the cauliflower in the interest of time.  I really wanted to eat before Little Bug went to bed.  🙂  Anyway, Mister did a great job and he was quite full so we decided on wine instead of beer tonight.

I uncorked this sweet beauty and poured it into classes.  It’s a light yellow-cream and smells very sweet and slightly musty.  It is very grape-forward but not cloyingly sweet (remember, I like the sweeter the better).  It is light on the palate but robust in flavor.  It’s a wine I can easily see myself drinking an entire bottle while chatting with friends.



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