Dark Horse Brewing Co. Too Cream Stout

I think it’s been the longest short week I’ve ever had.  Little Bug ended up in the emergency room last night because she’d twisted her ankle and wouldn’t bear weight.  It wasn’t broken and she’s fine today but you can see how swollen it was.  Poor kid!


Mister made a quick trip today to our local gourmet store to buy beer and picked up this beauty.  We’d seen it before but decided not to pick it up.  Mister’s brother drank a bottle of it a few nights ago and highly suggested it so we had to try it.

Dark Horse Brewing Co. has a holiday series of 5 stouts.  This is the second in the line, Too Cream Stout.  They didn’t have the “one” stout today and since it’s an oatmeal style, I’m not sure how Mister would feel about it.  He’s only had one oatmeal stout but has decided he doesn’t any of them.  Men…

Poured, this is a beautiful, opaque, deep brown, almost black.  Mister took a sip and declared that he loved it but he wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it.  You know I’m not a bitter beer lover.  I tried it thinking that if I didn’t like it, I had chilled the perfect bottle of cider and I couldn’t wait to blog about it.  Honestly, I didn’t expect much.  It blew me away.

This stout has a creamy mouth feel but isn’t as heavy as I’d have expected.  It’s definitely strong, robust, and complex.  It has a very “roasted” flavor but it isn’t a burnt or java-bitter taste; there is no rancid taste left in the back of your throat.  As it sits on the palate, the bitterness fades completely and the sweetness really comes out.  I have to imagine a piece of good quality chocolate or rich, chewy browny would set this beer off perfectly.


Too Cream Stout

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