Arcadia Ales Cocoa Loco

Sweet.  Slightly metallic.  A hint of coffee.  This beer smells delightful and looks amazing poured into a snifter.  It’s a chocolate brown-black with a few creamy bubbles.

Arcadia Ales Cocoa Loco is a dark ale made with 3 types of chocolate.  It surprisingly isn’t bitter, even for a 39 IBU.  Strangely enough, as the beer slides over my tongue, I get a strong sense of banana – not fake banana like the candy we had as kids, but a bite of a real banana.  It doesn’t stick around long enough to be annoying but slips away quickly.  The beer itself doesn’t linger long on the palate.  The chocolate is very muted, too.  If I had to pick one flavor it’d be coffee.

This seems to be one of those beers that doesn’t have any one thing outstanding but melds well as a whole.  While I’ve enjoyed my 1/2 bottle, I don’t think it’s one that we’ll be drinking much of.


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