J. K. Scrumpy’s Farmhouse Organic Orchard Gold Hard Cider

One of Mister’s friends, L, came here from her new home in a neighboring state this weekend.  She was able to pick up some things for us that aren’t distributed in Michigan.  We had a great night talking, laughing, and catching up.

We had a glass of wine that I’ll blog about a different time.  Then Mister broke out the cider.  It’s no secret that hard cider is my favorite.  There’s something amazing about fizzy apple juice.  I’ve often referred to my “favorite” cider, the one by which I measure every other cider, my idea of perfection.  This is it.

J. K. Scrumpy Farmhouse Organic Orchard Gold Hard Cider.  It’s a long name.  It’s worth it.  When we originally found this cider, our vet suggested we try it.  It was a local product only sold in about 5 or 6 stores state-wide.  Thankfully, we live close enough to the orchard where this is produced that we can buy it by the growler.  It’s remarkably cheaper.  It will lose its fizz after a few days and if you leave it long enough, it’ll just continue to ferment.  Fortunately for us, we’ve never had any around long enough to have that problem.  It’s one of those things – you know, the kind where when you open the fridge you take a nip from the bottle or a bite from the pan.  Delightful doesn’t describe it for me.

Farmhouse is unlike any other hard cider you’ve had.  When I was a kid, we’d buy cider from the orchards around here (we have many of them) and while we usually drank it quickly, it occasionally would start to ferment in the fridge.  Remember this was before everything under the sun was pasteurized   As a kid, I thought it was nasty.  As an adult, let’s just say that my little orchard has stumbled on a gold mine. They literally take the cider that they produce and allow it to ferment.  The Farmhouse is just a natural cider with no flavor additives.  They do have a spiced version called Winterruption that I’m sure I’ll blog about eventually (just in case you need to know, it is good).  The fact that the entire operation, animals and produce, are certified organic is just a bonus.

Farmhouse is easy to describe.  Think sweet, fall apple cider. Think fizzy and slightly alcoholic.  You have it.  It is unfiltered and when you pour it into a glass, it looks exactly like what it is – cider.  What else has that color?  Would you drink anything else with floaties in it?  Me, either.  It is sweet, not cloyingly so, but the sweetest cider I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried lots in my time.  I could drink lots of it.  I do drink lots of it.  Scrumpy’s ciders all come in either a 22 oz. bottle or in a growler.

In the last year, we’ve started to see Farmhouse, and occasionally Winterruption, popping up on shelves across the state.  Most recently, I saw it on a menu of craft beers at a local wine bar.  It made me happy – not happy enough to pay $14 for the bottle (especially when I know I have a bottle in my fridge at home), but happy that people like the product and are demanding it.  Who doesn’t want to know that their favorite libation is sticking around?

If you haven’t seen Scrumpy, keep your eyes open.  When you do, give it a try.  It isn’t cheap but it’s totally worth it.  You won’t be disappointed.




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