O’Fallon Wheach

I saw the can, yes can (it does come in bottles), of O’Fallon Wheach sitting on the shelf.  I picked it up.  I put it down.  I picked it up.  I put it down.  Mister was building his own 12-pack.  I finally picked it up and put it on the counter.  I wanted it.  Wheat beer? Yes, please.  Peaches? Um, yes!  The two together?  That remained to be seen.

It pours a beautiful peach-brown in the glass.  It’s light like a wheat beer with a tinge more orange color.  It smells like grandma’s peach cobbler – peachy and sweet.

My first sip was surprising.  As sweet and peachy as it smelled, the flavor wasn’t overdone.  It tasted like a good wheat beer with a hint of peach on the backside.  It wasn’t any sweeter than any other wheat beer I’ve had.  It’s only a 7 IBU so you know that’s up my alley.  There is no bitterness at all.

Mister isn’t a wheat beer lover.  Better yet, he isn’t even a wheat beer liker.  He barely tolerates it.  He’s also not a fruit and beer guy.  Fruit is girly.  Take two things he doesn’t care much for and put them together?  Disaster?

He likes this one.  A lot.  “This would be my summer answer to a shandy.  I hate lemon and beer but this is great.  As it warms up, it almost tastes like someone put a splash of wine in your beer.  It’s that good.”

Wine in my beer?  I was thinking the same thing when Mister said it.  I had a shot of amaretto in my beer and OJ a few weeks ago (see post here) but wine?  That will have to be a night when we’re feeling adventurous…

Princess would like wheach.  This is a sitting-on-the-back-porch-watching-the-fireflies kind of beer.  I have a feeling we’ll be drinking a lot more of this.

In general, we’ve learned that we’re really enjoying all of the O’Fallon beers we’ve tried.  Their flavors are done well and while we’ve found the beers surprisingly different form what we expected, they’re amazingly good.  In terms of microbrews, they really aren’t that expensive.  If you haven’t, pick one of their varieties and give them a try.


ofallon wheach can

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