New Belgium Trippel

This beer was not at all what Mister or I expected.  It poured a beautiful light gold and smelled amazingly sweet. You can also pick up a hint of coriander.

While New Belgium’s Trippel is a 25 IBU, it wasn’t nearly as bitter as I’d expected.  I think you could describe it as a cousin (maybe a second cousin) to a belgian white.

I get a very fruity forward taste, nothing in particular.  I get a hint of banana and citrus as it passes through the mouth.  At the end, the coriander and spice really come out – hints of clove find you at the end.  I get a creamy mouth-feel almost like a cream stout.  I like it.  A lot.  This could be a back porch 6-pack.  Though if I drank 6, I don’t think I could walk.  It’s 7.8% ABV.  Yeah, high.

Mister liked this one, too.  He claimed it was sweet and a bit tart with no bitterness.  Princess – you gotta try this one!

Cheers, friends!

New Belgian Trippel


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