O’Fallon Rager Red

One week – no, not the BareNaked Ladies song, though I do love their music.  One week today that Little Bug got her “big girl” bed.  She picked out the Hello Kitty sheet set a few weeks back.  Mister and I sent her off to school and spent the day cleaning and rearranging her room.  I think we geared ourselves up for the worst but the transition went fairly smoothly.  She’s slept at least 11 hours solid each night.  Who can complain about that?


Mister picked out O’Fallon’s Rager Red.  This was a special delivery last week when L came home.  So far we’ve really enjoyed O’Fallon‘s line so we were very excited to try this one.  Rager Red is a seasonal but it just came out.  It’s made with a roasted malt and hemp seed.  Interesting idea to say the least.

I was shocked with Mister took a big sniff and blurted, “I don’t know what it smells like.  It almost smells like dog vomit.  Did you smell it?  Ok, maybe not dog vomit, but definitely wet dog.”  SERIOUSLY?  And you want me to drink this? Ugh… what I do for you people!

He was right, though.  It smelled like you’d poured beer on a wet dog.

I tried it.  It tasted like old cigarettes soaked in beer so the smell wasn’t far off.

Mister really liked it.  He claimed it was smooth, roasty, malty and not bitter.  “It’s a well-balanced Irish red. The hop comes through a bit floral.  It’s there but its not over-hopped.  When you compare it to Killian’s it isn’t nearly as fizzy.  I like it.”


OFallon Rager Red

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