Possman Pure Cider

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I love hard cider.  I don’t often stray from my very favorite, JK Scrumpy.  If I can’t get Scrumpy out (which I usually can’t or choose not to pay for it), then I go for Woodchuck.  This may replace Woodchuck.

Possman’s Pure Cider is a light-colored clear cider.  It has a distinct but not fake apple taste.  In terms of mass produced ciders it is sweet – no as sweet as JKS but much more so than any other cider I’ve tried.  It is also slightly carbonated.  If I didn’t know differently, I’d say it was carbonated with nitrogen as the bubbles aren’t big and aggressive.

While this isn’t a cheap drink, it will definitely be in my rotation.



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