Bell’s Java Stout

Mister, “I’m curious to see how this is going to go down because, *insert whistle here* it smells like straight coffee.”

Mister sips.  Mister makes a face.  Mister puts the beer down, grabs the ice cream, and starts to eat.  This does not bode well for me liking this beer.

Bell’s Java Stout is a seasonal winter stout. While it isn’t quite as coffee-bitter as you get from smelling it, the java is very prominent in this brew.  It pours a deep black with a few creamy bubbles around the top.  It’s very coffee forward and although bitter, not as bad as I’d have expected.

I tried adding a bite of vanilla ice cream to my mouth then drinking the beer.  Mistake.  Big Mistake.  It made it taste like hot, rotting plastic.

If you really like deep, bitter, coffee with your beer, this is for you.  As much as Mister likes coffee and beer, he couldn’t drink it either.



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