Arrogant Bastard Oak Aged Ale

Let me set the scene:  Little Bug went to bed easily tonight – no yelling, crying or screaming – just a lullaby or two and a few rocks of the chair.

Mister and I traded joking picture text messages until he finally got up and went to the kitchen.  He came back in the living room with ice cream, strawberry-rhubarb crisp, and my half-bottle of beer.

Arrogant Bastard Oak Aged Ale is on nearly every shelf in any beer store worth is salt.

It pours a light red color and smells very citrusy.  While it is classified an ale, it seems much more bitter to me, almost like an IPA.  It tastes a lot of citrus.

It reminds me a lot of Bell’s Hopslam and last night’s Ruthless Rye.

Mister and I neither one really liked this one.  I’m not sure it’s a dumper, but it’ll be one I take big gulps of to get as much down without tasting it as possible.  🙂


Arrogant Bastard Oak Aged Ale


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