Founders KBS – Kentucky Breakfast Stout

KBS is a very limited and incredibly sought-after beer.  I won’t tell you  the long and sordid affair to get this bottle of beer but I will tell you we have Mister’s brother to thank for it.

It pours a beautiful chocolate black with a small creamy head.

The nose on this one is a deep coffee smell with a waft of alcohol and vanilla.

It is classified as an imperial stout but I don’t feel it’s as bitter as its 70 IBU label.  The coffee and chocolate are definitely there.  The aging in bourbon barrels is dominant on the finish (for me).  Mister thought the bourbon was right up front.  It has very sweet overtones that keep the bitterness to a minimum.  I don’t end up with that bitter-in-the-back-of-my-throat grossness.

While it’s not something I’d stand in line hours upon hours for, buy a ticket to get a 4-pack, or pay the ridiculous price per bottle, I really do like it.  Mister didn’t care much for it.  Although he liked the mouth feel, it was too sweet and not “roasty” enough for him.  We both thought it would be great over a good quality vanilla ice cream.





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