Arcadia Ales Nut Brown

There is nothing special about this beer – Nut Brown Ale from Arcadia Ales.  It’s a nice dark ale.  It isn’t terribly bitter but has a nice bite.  I could drink a lot of it.  As a a side, it pairs very well with chocolate cherry bread from Zingerman’s (and no, we didn’t pay $17.50 for the loaf but I swear it’s worth it!).

There’s a story behind how 6 of these beauties ended up in our fridge.

Girl meets girl.  Girls fall in love.  Girl moves to Mississippi to be with girl.  Five years later, girl is diagnosed with cancer.  These girls are my wonderful friends Auntie Bee and Aunt Laurie.  Aunt Laurie fought her heart out but it wasn’t meat to be.  With “bucket list” taking on a whole new meaning, Auntie Bee and Aunt Laurie made a trip to visit “home” for Auntie Bee.  We hadn’t seen Aunt Laurie in a few years.  Other than being shocked at her beautiful, unabashed baldness, it was like our last visit was the day before.  Our friends gathered, we laughed, we cried, we talked but we could not say goodbye.  The night before the Aunts left, we had an impromptu gathering at my house for just one more hug before we parted for what we knew would be the last time we’d see Aunt Laurie.

On the way here, the Aunts stopped at the corner store and Aunt Laurie picked out a 6-pack of this beer for Mister and me.  We drank a few that night and put the rest in the refrigerator.  A few short months later, Laurie left us to go home.  As hard as it was for us, we know she’s kayaking in the most beautiful places and is free of pain.

Since that night at my house, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to open another bottle until tonight.

This one’s for you, Aunt Laurie.  We love and miss you!



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