Atwater Cherry Stout

Mister and I decided to split a beer tonight but I had to pick it. That can be a daunting task when there are approximately 60 different options, many of them dark stouts which are not my favorite. I decided to just go to the michigan fridge (the garage) and grab a bottle.
I pulled out Atwater’s Cherry Stout. It pours a beautiful deep red-brown that speaks to the cherry flavor hidden within.
Upon the first dip mister declared it delicious. I started a new medication for migraines last week that has made carbonated things taste flat and a bit off. Even with that at play, I like this beer. It is dark, roasty, and toasty but not bitter. The cherry is present yet not medicinal as I find in many berry-based drinks.
We have yet to actually go to Atwater and see the brewery but the more of their beer I try, the more I want to go. If you get a chance to try this one, let me know what you think.


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