Our Story

It all started in the summer of 2000 with a blind date… fast forward through the dating, engagement, wedding, baby, and moving to now…

I am an 8th grade math teacher.  Mister is a nurse in an emergency room at one of the local hospitals.  Do we need any more reason than this to drink?  We didn’t think so but we have three.  Little Bug, our 3-year old daughter, is the light of our life.  Milton, our 8-year old rhodesian ridgeback mix and his fur-sister, Magda, also an 8 year-old rhodesian mix, give us plenty more reasons to tip one back, relax and enjoy.

This adventure all started a few years ago when I begged Mister to go wine-tasting with me.  He declared he didn’t like wine but grudgingly went as all good husbands would.  It turns out Mister loved wine; it was just about finding the wine he liked to drink.  Thankfully we share similar tastes in that department.  We took off on our wine-tasting adventures as we live in an area full of easy drives to wine-growing climate regions.  While this is a great hobby for us when the grandparents want some one-on-one time with Little Bug, we are limited to a trip or two a year.  On one of these trips during the summer of 2012, I scheduled us a tour of Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio.  While we’d done one other brewery tour of Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto, we were still in the “free beer and lots of it” stage of our lives.  Before our tour we tried 5 of the GLBC beers, 3 more during the tour, and the remaining 3 on draft after the tour while we enjoyed appetizers and a stout ice cream sundae at the bar.  It was during these few hours where the idea to seek out beer, specifically micro-brews and specialty beers was born.  You’ll see us mix up wine terms and beer terms depending on what fits the situation best.  Some nights I wish I could record our “oohs” and “mmmms” for you to hear.  I’m sure it doesn’t sound like we’re drinking beer…

Now, many nights after dinner is cleaned up, Little Bug’s teeth are brushed, and the dogs have been out one last time, Mister pours a glass for us and we try (or try again and again and again) the brews that you see me post about.  Initially we were just sampling them and Mister would post them to his facebook page.  Through conversation on a “buying trip” when these two old and tired brains couldn’t remember what we’d bought and what we had just seen, this blog was born.

Beer is a unique thing.  What I can’t stand, Mister loves.  What I really enjoy, Mister would pour out.  These are just our opinions and by no means the end-all and be-all of the beer world.

Tip up a glass, share some thoughts and a glass. Enjoy and Cheers!


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