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Johnny Rails Pumpkin Ale – Erie Brewing

What better for the first day of spring than the first day of march madness and pumpkin beer?  Strange, I know – well, not the basketball, but the pumpkin beer.  We tried a pear saisson earlier and it was a bust.  This was a pretty safe bet.

I am a fan of most things pumpkin but with Little Bug’s cinnamon allergy, I rarely partake in cinnamon-laced anything.  Except beer.  I am fairly certain that she’s not going to end up in my beer since we usually drink it once she’s in bed.  This makes pumpkin beer an extra special treat.

My favorite is still O’Fallon’s Pumpkin but Erie Brewing’s Johnny Rails is a close second.  It’s spicy but the pumpkin flavor is clear.  So many times all you get is the spice and no squash – that can be so disappointing.  The balance is good but it is lacking a bit of the creaminess that I like.  I could drink a few of these given the chance.

Good luck with your brackets and cheers friends!

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