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Great Divide Brewing Co. Hoss Rye Lager

We’re having beer two nights in a row.  It’s a record.

I had to pick again tonight and I used the same method as last night – run to the garage and grab.

I picked another winner.  Great Divide Brewing Co.’s Hoss Rye Lager poured a beautiful light amber and appeared to be unfiltered but cleared some as it settled.

It was not nearly as bitter as I would expect for a rye.  It’s hoppy on the nose but malty on the tongue.  I thought it tasted a bit sweet.  Mister just liked it.  Yesterday’s oreo cookie cheesecakes complimented it nicely, too.


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Fort Collins Brewery Kidd Black Lager

Let me set the scene:

We’ve just put Little Bug to bed for the 3rd time tonight.  The house is nearly dark and it’s very quiet.  The dogs are in bed.  I won’t bore you with details but it’s been a long stressful day.  Mister walks in from the kitchen and hands me a snifter of a beautiful, deep, rich brown beer.  I didn’t know what it was but it turned out to be Fort Collins Kidd (black lager).  This one falls in the same category as last night’s dunkel.

Mister, “Wow.  That has a really strong nose.  It’s sorta wet dog.  No, sour.  I don’t know.  What do you smell?”

Me, “Give me a second; I’m blogging.”

Mister turns to his phone and starts playing a game.

Me, “I smell coffee, chocolate, and a deep roasted malt (almost burned).”

Mister, “I like it.  I don’t think you’re going to.”

Not so much at first.  It’s a complex flavor, slightly bitter (24 IBU) and a bit smokey.  The after taste is definitely coffee.  I will say that it grows on you, though.  I had a few more sips as I was typing out the last of this and while I don’t think I’ll be begging for more, I definitely didn’t hate it.

Mister suggested that it’d be good with ice cream.  I agree.  A rich, velvety vanilla would set it off perfectly. Time for a beer float?


Fort Collins Kidd

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Frankenmuth Brewery Dunkel

It’s Sunday night.  Living with a 3-year old who is head-strong and independent is challenging on a good day.  Here’s tonight’s dessert:



The beer is Frankenmuth Brewery’s Dunkel – a Munich style dunkel lager.  It’s no secret I’m not a fan of dark beer.

I like this one (and it has nothing to do with the ice cream).  It smells a bit yeasty, a bit roasted, and a lot beer.  My first pull is fruity and sweet and it opens up to a full-flavored beer.  It isn’t bitter or overly fruity and sweet.  It’s well balanced with a roasted finish.

I have to imagine that this would be incredible off the tap.  Road trip?



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Budweiser Black Crown

Try #2 for the night.  Budweiser Black Crown – from the same singles bin as the cider for the same $1.

Mister, “It’s not horrible.  I’ve drunk much, much worse.  It is almost like they’ve blended and American and Canadian beer.  It’s full up front but leaves nothing on the back end.”  That sums it up pretty well.

I thought the finish tasted a lot like a frito.  Strange, I know.  At least it didn’t stick around long.

We debated whether to pour it out or not.  He finished it.  I didn’t.

One strange thing – looking at their website it isn’t set to debut until 2-3-13.  Today’s 1-22-13.  Who knows…


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